Mills & Overlays

May 3, 2023

Asphalt milling machinery will be in town starting Thursday, May 4th and begin work on the following roads.

  • 3rd Ave from Hwy 18 to 6th St, S 9th Ave from 16th St north to the concrete
  • N 7th Ave from Oak St to Pine St.
  • 9th St from 6th Ave to mid-block of 7th Ave.
  • S 10th Ave from 16th St to 14th St.

Once the milling is complete, the roads will be cleaned and the asphalt paving crew in scheduled for mid-May. Thank you in advance for your patience during construction. We hope that you will enjoy the new road surface.

8th St, South 9th Ave and South 10th Ave.

S 3rd Ave and N 7th Ave

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